what is seo-optimization

What is SEO-optimization of websites?

What is SEO-optimization of websites? Why do you need SEO at all? This question is asked by everyone who needs to promote their site in search networks in order to attract new customers, blog subscribers, or just to advertise their services or products on the Internet. After all, it makes no sense to even have the best designed site, which has no visitors at all. In order not to face such problems, there is SEO-optimization. So, let’s take a closer look.

… SEO (Search engine optimization) - is a set of measures aimed at improving the position of the site in search networks for relevant queries for the overall promotion of the site in the network.

To understand the real meaning of SEO, let’s look at this definition and examine the parts:

1 Traffic quality. You can attract all the visitors of the world, but if they come to your site because Google tells them that your company repairs Apple products, when you’re actually a farmer selling apples, it’s a poor quality traffic. Instead, you want to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in the products or services you offer and becoming your potential customers.

2 The amount of traffic. As soon as people who come to your site from search result pages (SERPs) start coming to your site, then you can talk about the amount of traffic. The more relevant traffic there is, the better.

3 Organic results. Free issuance of SERP. Organic traffic is any traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

The process of SEO-optimization contains 2 main parts, the elements of which allow you to conduct a quality audit and analysis of the site and determine the promotion strategy – this is the internal and external optimization of the site.

Internal optimization consists of:

  • technical optimization (optimization of site indexing, checking for duplication of pages, adjusting the download speed, etc.);
  • development or correction of the site structure;
  • optimization of url-addresses;
  • content optimization

The components of external optimization include:

  • self-registration in catalogs;
  • registration in search networks directories;
  • link exchange;
  • activities in social networks;
  • press releases;
  • creating and maintaining blogs.

We will develop a unique SEO strategy for your website

The cost is $1000 per month, project duration 3-5 months.

Using this list, we can optimize the site for certain search queries. To reinforce the effect of SEO, contextual and banner advertising on the Internet is sometimes used, which significantly affects brand awareness, but is not an important factor in search engine results.

Therefore, in order to provide potential customers with services or goods of your company, they must first come across them. In the light of today’s technology, it is through the Internet that people buy things, order services, read news, and so on. So why don’t you and your site get on the first page of Google’s search results (in other words, put the site in the TOP) and provide customers with competent information and quality offers?

We think it would be really good, because it will benefit you and your customers.

An important part of the company’s existence is customers’ feedback about cooperation. It plays an important role in brand recognition. That’s why we advise you to create an account on the Clutch service. Bizzzdev is a Clutch Leader because we have positive feedback from our clients. So, we advise you to use this service too.

What will you get after SEO-optimization?

What will your customers get?

  • an information, that is relevant to the request;
  • a high-quality list of services or goods they are looking for;
  • the opportunity to make a convenient purchase or order, to contact you without leaving home, satisfaction with the above listed opportunities.

BizZzdev is ready to provide quality services in the field of marketing, namely: SEO optimization of the website, lead generation in Linkedin, create a sales department for your IT company, or advice on how to create an IT company.

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