Ultimate Tips on How to Create Free Backlinks to Your Site

Probably, you’ve heard a lot about SEO and its potential for bringing traffic to your website. But what makes your search engine optimization efficient? From our solid industry expertise, we know that SEO is much more than just keywords and the right text proportions. Search engine optimization strategies involve a great range of tools and practices. One of the most useful and relevant approaches is going for backlinks. What are these backlinks? Why are they so valuable in terms of SEO? And how can you get dozens if not hundreds of quality backlinks for free? Read this article to get all the answers.

What are Backlinks?

So, let’s start with a clarification. What are backlinks? These are some of the most useful and popular SEO means. Simply put, a backlink is an external link that redirects a website user to another web page. What really matters to you, as a website owner, is the number of backlinks redirecting users to your website on other web pages. Usually, it goes about referencing some parts of your content. Backlinks can enhance your website in two ways. First, they may attract more visitors to your page, as they follow the link presented on another website. Secondly, they positively impact your SEO because a page with many backlinks leading to it ranks high in Google.

How to Get Backlinks for Free?

In such conditions, there’s nothing strange about the fact that many website owners are ready to pay solid sums of money just to build backlinks free. Correspondingly, there’s a great range of websites or digital companies ready and willing to sell backlinks on their websites. But is it all about money? Aren’t there any opportunities to get a solid load of backlinks without paying for them? Actually, there are some methods. They all require flexibility and a profound understanding of the best SEO practices. Lucky you, they will be discussed in the next chapter of this article.

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15 Tried Methods for Those Asking How to Create Free Backlinks

So, let’s get to the actual “meat” of this article. Probably, you’ve already seen some information-filled materials on how to create free backlinks. Some of them offer around 10 practices, others go for 20, and there are even resources that grant you 30 solutions and more. In this material, you will find much more moderate numbers. However, all backlink opportunities offered in this article, actually, work. It is proven by solid success stories of all these practices. 

🟪 1. Internal backlinks

This is, by far, the most evident solution for all people who ask how to get backlinks for free. Just place your links on your own resources. This won’t lead any outside guests to your website directly. But such an approach may positively impact your website’s overall SEO. Besides, it will enhance visitor retention and will make their navigation over your web platform much more convenient. But beware of overloading your website with internal links because this, in turn, can drop your page’s Google ranking. 

🟪 2. Guest posting

First of all, it goes about cooperation with other websites. This creates a space for cross-promotion and other initiatives that may help you earn more backlinks outside your own web page. In addition, guest posting helps you become more famous and popular “in the outer world.” By creating posts for other websites, you promote your name on those pages, even if it goes about a brief mention of your writer’s name. And, for sure, guest posts offer great opportunities for promoting backlinks to your website. 

🟪 3. Blog and forum comments

Many websites provide their users with an opportunity to leave comments under the posts. And there are always forum platforms that enable authorized users to share their thoughts in various topic threads. Both these types of websites offer you great opportunities for promoting your own web platform. You may expand on the topic of the blog post and reference your own article as a source of information. As for forums, you may just tell thread participants that they can expand their knowledge of the topic if they read your material dedicated to it. 

🟪 4. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) website

This website is a perfect example of a tool for mutual help and cooperation. You may check out HARO for various source requests, as there are many reporters who need specific information or sources they can introduce as references. So, you may just find reporters who write about your area of expertise and offer them your website pages as sources. As a result, both you and these guys will remain happy. Also, you will get an opportunity to stay in contact with these reporters in the future. 

🟪 5. Testimonials

Most businesses love to share various positive reviews of their products or services. Such a practice is an integral part of their marketing strategy. If you have cooperated with any company and remain satisfied with their product or service, you can be the one who helps them by writing testimonials for their website. What you should ask in return is the opportunity to add the link to your website to the testimonials. At least, this solution is very popular among those businesses who seek how to get free backlinks

🟪 6. Blogger reviews 

Bloggers are very significant influencers in the modern digital environment. Some of them specialize in producing reviews of various services and products. And you can always ask them to review something that is yours with backlinks. Or even mention your website in reviews of other services. Why should they agree to promote you? First of all, you may give them content, and content is what makes them rich and popular. Secondly, you may offer them a financial reward. It is no longer about earning backlinks for free, but the price for your website promotion may be relatively moderate.

🟪 7. Broken links

Here’s a method that is not evident to most people wondering how to create free backlinks. This technique requires you to check various websites for broken links. It can be challenging to handle manually. Therefore, you may use special tools, such as the Check My Links Chrome extension. Once you have found a broken link on another website, contact its owner and suggest substituting the broken link with the most relevant backlink leading to your website. 

🟪 8. Link claim

If you’re running a demanded product or service, chances are high that some of your customers mention it online. And, for sure, they can easily forget to supply this mention with a link to your website. That’s where you can see backlink opportunities. Use specialized online search tools to find such mentions and contact their authors. Politely ask them to add your website’s backlinks to their posts. In most cases, these guys won’t hold anything against it. 

🟪 9. Website feedback platforms

Submit your article for a review on the corresponding website feedback platform. But make sure that these guys are not biased or too critical in their reviews because this may distract the audience from your platform. Also, choose only the websites where reviewers attach actual links to the reviewed sites to the posts. And if they forget to do so, just ask them.  

🟪 10. Interviews

This requires you to earn some industry authority. If you manage to achieve such prominence, some websites would be glad to publish an interview with you. You may even find the corresponding platforms by yourself and offer them your participation in their projects. What you should ask in return is to place links to your website in their materials. 

🟪 11. Social media

Here everything’s simple. You enhance your online presence by posting your content on various social media pages. And, for sure, you can add any links that you need to your posts. This opens a great space for promoting your site links on social media. And don’t forget about commenting under other people’s posts and throwing your links wherever possible in the media feed.

🟪 12. Quality content

This is the most straightforward and evident way for getting backlinks. All you should do is produce quality content that will be useful to other content makers. If you deliver something relevant and unique, many website owners may borrow your content to present it on their websites. That’s when they can easily post backlinks to your content. 

🟪 13. Spying on your competitors

Any means necessary when it comes to SEO-driven competition. And spying is not an exception. All you should do is determine a competitor or competitors with the most efficient SEO and backlink-building strategies. The next step involves you using special tools to investigate their SEO practices. Such an analysis will help you understand how to create backlinks to your site for free the way your competitors do it. 

🟪 14. Infographics

Here’s a relatively new trend for all website owners who want to build backlinks free. Infographics are visual schemes that present useful information in a brief and informative way. They are very popular on the Internet, and there will definitely be many people interested in presenting your infographics on their websites. Mind that you should mark your infographics with a watermark sign to secure them from stealing. You can allow any online user to save and post your infographics if leaving them referenced. That’s how infographics will help you earn new backlinks. 

🟪 15. Blog aggregators

These are the websites that store a collection of blogs dedicated to a particular industry or topic. If you are writing about this industry or topic, you may contact the representatives of the blog aggregator website and ask them to present a link to your blog on their web page. If they approve your submission, you have a popular source promoting a backlink to your online resource.

Top 10 Websites for Free Gesture Posts with Instructions

Now that we have mentioned blog aggregators, let’s proceed with more notable blog/news websites that enable you to promote your materials. Mind that businesses that are engaged in blogging can get up to 97% more backlinks leading to their sites. This is the list of the 10 best websites for gesture posting. 

  1. Medium. It is an extremely popular writing platform that allows authors to publish posts on a great range of topics. Mind that you need to create a Medium account and send your posts to the most appropriate category. 
  2. Forbes. It is one of the world’s most popular news platforms. Besides, it allows you to publish marketing materials, at least to some extent. Contact the website’s editorial team to ask these guys to publish your article. 
  3. CNN. Here’s one more globally-known news platform and the largest media holding in the U.S. CNN can, actually, add posts on any topic. But you should fill in a detailed submission form to convince their editors that your material is worth posting. 
  4. The Guardian. It is a legendary newspaper that hosts a website with news and business materials. You can ask them to publish your material by contacting their editorial team directly. 
  5. The Washington Post. Here’s one more legendary news resource from the U.S. You can offer these guys your content if you are writing on general social topics, news, and business. To make The WP introduce your material on their website, write a relevant open-ed article and submit it for their review.
  6. SlideShare. It is, by far, the world’s most popular presentation hosting service. There’s nothing challenging about submitting your materials to this website. All you should do is upload your presentation to SlideShare. But mind that there are so many presentations on the platform that your material should definitely stand out.
  7. This website is the world’s largest petition platform. Any person can create a petition and place it on Usually, those are various social initiatives or legal proposals. However, you can try to gently promote your content with backlinks to your website via 
  8. Goodreads. It is a famous book review platform where any authorized user can post one’s review of a particular book. If you’re here for backlinks, try placing them in your review materials.
  9. The Wall Street Journal. Here’s one of the world’s most authoritative business resources. Just like with The Washington Post, you should write an open-ed first and then submit it for review. If your material is relevant, these guys can post it on their website.
  10. Shopify. This website is a very famous marketplace that accepts marketing publications. To promote your posts via this platform, you should become a Shopify contributor writer. Any person can apply for this status, but Shopify will accept only those who talk business.


So, as you may see, backlinks are the SEO marketing domain’s “hot property.” The demand for them is so high that many companies are ready to invest solid funds in backlinks. However, if you’re into a more cost-efficient way, there are, at least, 15 tried and trusted methods that will help you understand how to create backlinks for free. Try all of them or use combined strategies to achieve the best results. Or ask trusted SEO professionals to help you handle all the challenges. And don’t forget about guest posting! This approach will help you earn many quality backlinks outside of your website, which can skyrocket your web page’s Google ranking and traffic!

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