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10 Best WordPress Call To Action Plugins In 2022

Website design is one of the most important components of internet marketing. Your conversion rates are determined by how well your site is designed and easy to navigate on multiple levels. Research shows that attractive pages are more likely to convince visitors to give you their email addresses or actually start buying your products. Remember, whatever you do, you’re constantly marketing your brand. Although visitors don’t always know it, they judge your brand by the design of your website. Buttons are one of the crucial elements of a beautiful design. Visitors are more likely to use it if the buttons are well thought out and fit your website’s overall theme.

That’s why you don’t need just buttons. You also want them to be beautiful and convert well on landing pages. HTML/CSS are not the languages ​​that WordPress users usually use. Most people prefer a visual editor and GUI to customize their themes, pages, and plugins. While you can certainly customize your pages, create beautiful buttons, and do a lot more with code, it’s not the only way to do it. One way to create beautiful custom buttons for calls to action and landing pages is to use plugins.

When visitors arrive at a website, they may or may not notice many calls to action. If you want people to notice the “Sign Up” or “Contact Us” buttons, you need to use visually appealing buttons or pop-ups. These buttons can be placed anywhere on the page or post, including the sidebar and footer. Pop-ups can appear after a certain amount of time has passed or when a visitor is about to leave the page. 

WordPress doesn’t have options to add custom buttons by default. However, there are many free and paid solutions for creating attractive buttons. What can be done to make your website more appealing and engage your viewers? There are WordPress plugins for almost every task.

What is a WordPress Call-to-action Plugin?

The Call to Action (CTA) plugin for WordPress is used to persuade website visitors to take the desired action. Calls to action are an excellent way to increase conversions. When a visitor comes to your site and wants to do something, such as buy a product or ask a question, you should make it simple for them by highlighting the option as a noticeable button. Visitors will most likely go to a competitor’s website if they have to search for the option on your website. Calls to action can influence a customer to buy by directing them through enticing buttons, noticeable notification bars, or pop-up windows. Landing pages must include calls to action in order to persuade visitors to do the desired action.

Remember that neither your visitors nor Google like intrusive pop-up windows. With this, a pop-up window can elicit the necessary response without being overly invasive. The greatest choice is exit intent pop-ups because they don’t obstruct a visitor’s use of your website. Call-to-action buttons are equally as powerful as notice bar instructions. Calls to action can also be seen in some plugins with specific objectives, such as mailing or social media sharing.

🟪 WordPress MaxButtons

MaxButtons WordPress Plugin is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to create visually appealing and elegant buttons. It will enable you to design and add beautiful CSS3-based buttons to your posts and pages. With over 70,000 active installations, it is one of the most customisable WordPress button plugins.


  • General setup: You can create an unlimited number of buttons and use them in posts and pages with shortcodes. Button color, text size, border radius, border style, and a dozen other style properties can be changed.
  • Responsiveness: Buttons created with this plugin look good on both desktop and portable devices.
  • Icon-style buttons: You can add icons to your buttons and customize their position and size. Over 35,000 icons come in a package.
  • Support for Google Fonts. One of the advantages of this plugin is that it supports Google Fonts.
  • Pro Version: Some of the features I’ve described are only available in the plugin’s premium version, which costs $19.

🟪 Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a social sharing button plugin. It’s an all-in-one, optimized solution for increasing social activity on your website. Unlike most of the plugins on this list, it is not intended to create general-purpose buttons. Instead, it focuses solely on social exchange.

  • Main Features: The plugin comes with over 45 critical social networks, 48 unique templates, and a large set of design settings and positions.
  • Template customization: Customizations such as changing the button color or size in button templates can be easily done with a customization template.
  • Compatible with: The plugin works well with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, bbPress, and Easy Digital Downloads.

🟪 Icegram

When you choose Icegram, you get a lot of different call-to-action options. You may maximize the value of your website visitors with the help of this fantastic free WordPress plugin. You can introduce them to your world with a beautiful welcome panel, announce important news in a pop-up window, and capture their emails. Icegram is as versatile as it gets, offering you many benefits that will take your online business to the roof. The fact that Icegram doesn’t require any coding, like all of the other WordPress call-to-action buttons in this collection, is one of its best features. Even with zero experience, setting up Icegram and all its benefits will not be difficult. You’ll have all action bars, pop-ups, and pop-up notifications under complete control.

🟪 Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

The RSS, Email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ sharing icons are added by the Social Share Buttons and Social Share Icons plugin. There are over 200 social networks to choose from. Not only that, it allows you to upload your own share icons. These buttons and icons convince the visitor to like or share the content. This plugin provides a wide variety of options. For sharing icons, you can select from 16 different designs. A single social media share icon can perform several functions. A Facebook badge, for example, can direct visitors to your Facebook page or function as a Like button. You can add animation effects to the icons to make them more noticeable. You can also create custom buttons and display them at the end of each post.

Add a pop-up asking visitors to follow you or share your content to get their attention. The plugin is simple to use and requires little setup on your part. The premium plugin includes many more social networks, more design styles, and the ability to place icons only on specific pages. It also has more pop-up options and is mobile-friendly.

🟪 Buttonizer

To draw more visitors’ attention to your website, use the Buttonizer to create a sticky or floating element. This sophisticated call-to-action WordPress plugin includes a collection of 25 actions that you can use to your advantage.Buttonizer can be used for social media, chat, email, calls, and more, and you can add a CTA to sell anything. When a visitor clicks on a CTA, they can be redirected to any webpage. Plus, you can freely customize the style and appearance of the buttons to match your brand’s direction. The excellent filtering function can specify when to show and when to hide a button.It even integrates with Google Analytics to track everything

🟪 Boxzilla

A call-to-action pop-up plugin called Boxzilla enables you to design boxes that appear and vanish in response to predetermined triggers. They can show up wherever you choose on the screen. It can be used to create any call to action, including the signup form for MailChimp, social network sharing buttons, and “More Info” options.

Time on site, exit intent, scroll percentage, page views, or manual click may cause the field to be displayed. The block editor allows you to enter almost any type of content, from simple text to more complex HTML or even third-party plugin shortcodes.

The plugin is available for free download from the WordPress plugin repository. You must select one of three monthly plans to use add-ons and receive priority email support. Plans range in price from $6 to $14 per month. Add-ons cover exit intent, page views, and time on site triggers, as well as the ability to hide inboxes for people who have already subscribed. It also supports WooCommerce, and Google Analytics.

🟪 Bloom

Bloom is a call-to-action plugin designed to increase email subscribers. With targeted content, this email signup plugin can help you convert casual visitors into loyal subscribers. You can use this to place calls to action on specific posts or pages. You can also use custom forms to display unique country-specific offers based on your level of interaction with visitors.

There are over 100 design templates to choose from, and each one is highly customizable. There is also a large selection of subscription types that you can display on your website in multiple places. You can use the plugin to create pop-ups and set triggers for those pop-ups. You can add pop-ups and set triggers for them in addition to pop-ups. Furthermore, it makes creating and integrating built-in subscription forms super simple. Customize your forms, generate a shortcode, and insert it exactly where you want it in the post editor’s content. Subscription forms can also be added at the bottom of your content or in the widget area.

As a plugin, Bloom limits access to premium content. You can configure it so that visitors must submit a subscription form in order to view premium content.

You can choose from a time delay, a scroll percentage, or reaching the bottom of the post as triggers for launching opt-in forms. Additionally, you can choose to have forms show up after a certain amount of inactivity, after a comment, or after a purchase. AWeber and MailChimp are just a couple of the email marketing solutions that Bloom works nicely with.

🟪 Inline Call To Action Builder

Inline CTA Builder is a perfect choice for power users who are not tech-savvy to customize call-to-action buttons. This WordPress CTA plugin by default, includes a substantial selection of forty templates that you may use as-is or enhance further. When implementing the Inline CTA Builder, the options are very impressive.

With Inline CTA Builder’s drag-and-drop functionality and excellent customization features, you can quickly set up everything for your blog or company website. A simple text call to action, text with a picture, a video, a duet call to action template, and other options are available. Additionally, you’ll get complete compatibility with WordPress, Visual Composer, Multisite themes, and four distinct types of button links. Inline CTA Builder adheres to all current guidelines and standards to ensure your website’s smooth operation.

🟪 Easy Side Tap Pro

A floating/sticky side tab is another feature you can add to your websites. It can be used for social media, to redirect users to a specific blog post, to sign up for a newsletter, to promote products, and much more. And all you need is Easy Side Tab Pro to make it happen. This brilliant WordPress call-to-action plugin can quickly transform any idea into reality, ensuring that the result is as effective as possible. There are ten different templates to choose from, as well as four different tab positions. In a nutshell, there is something for everyone. 

Other features of Easy Side Tab Pro include the ability to use text, an icon, or both, as well as the ability to disable or enable on mobile devices. What’s more, feel free to change the default settings and ensure that the side tab exactly matches your branding guidelines. A friendly support team is available 24/7 for anyone who requires additional assistance.

🟪 WP Subscribe Pro

A WP Pro subscription is an excellent tool for achieving your email marketing objectives. It enables you to display fully responsive and SEO-optimized forms anywhere on your website without the need for any coding. You can configure the field and any widget that displays forms to exclude pages and posts. This allows you to specify the triggers that will show the subscription window as well as the animation effects that will be used. You can control the text in the pop-up by adding your own HTML and using shortcodes. A handy preview button lets you see all the changes you’ve made before committing them to memory. You may manage the feeds on your website using Google’s feed management services thanks to the plugin’s support for FeedBurner. AWeber, MailChimp, and MailPoet are just a few of the popular email subscription providers that it is compatible with.

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How to Choose the Best Plugin for Your Website

Navigating through numerous plugins can be challenging, mainly because they might seem similar and provide questionable solutions. So, before choosing the plugin that will serve its purpose, ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I want more people to join my mailing list?
  • Do I want folks to read the following post?
  • Do I want comments on my posts?
  • Do I want folks to click that button?
  • Do I want people to act?

If the answer to all of them is yes, you have to remember a couple of fundamental things that’ll help you increase conversion rates by choosing the best option.

  1. Because pop-ups bother PS users, a CTA that is not too obnoxious will be more successful in achieving the goal.
  2. Utilize the technique of exit intent: the pop-up should refer to the user exiting the page.
  3. Utilize the plugin options to integrate the desired action with email marketing services.
  4. The likelihood of conversion is increased by using unconventional methods when designing call-to-actions.

Choose the plugins that respond to your needs, but also don’t forget to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and you’ll quickly see a positive result.

Wrap Up

Don’t just assume that people understand what you want them to do. You must issue a clear call to action that instructs them on how to proceed. That is rule number one when it comes to getting people who consume your content to take action. And, in today’s world, where people with short attention spans skim content, you can’t simply issue a call to action and expect them to follow through. It must stand out so that they notice it in the first place. Buttons are essentially small page elements. However, they have a significant impact on the design of your website. That is why choosing a WordPress button plugin is essential if you want to engage your audience, and help potential customers stay on your website for longer.

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