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We are a team of professionals having 10+ years of experience developing businesses of different scales and geography. We can help you quickly and effectively boost your sales and marketing activities through SEO, lead generation automation, and by training your sales & marketing departments on the latest techniques and up-to-date practices in the field. 

Marketing and SEO consulting, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
Marketing and SEO consulting, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
Marketing and SEO consulting, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
Marketing and SEO consulting, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
WHAT we do
We automate sales and marketing for IT-companies

The main goal of our consulting agency is to create a system that will utilize inbound and outbound channels to constantly generate new projects for your company.

The ability for a business owner see all the KPIs, clearly understand areas of responsibility for each employee, and to have a clear business plan that includes goals for the week, month, year — these are the outcomes that our team strives for.

We work quickly and efficiently

Working and achieving results are two different things. We don’t work for the sake of work, that’s why all projects are delivered as soon as possible, without compromising quality. At a client’s request, we can work directly with the sales & marketing department, reaching out to the C-level management only to agree on the strategic directions of our cooperation and project development.

Marketing and SEO consulting, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
How we can help

Broad range of consulting services for various areas of business development

Marketing and SEO consulting, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

We will develop a unique SEO strategy for your website, help you get on top of Google and stay there. All while keeping budget acceptable, in a timely manner.

Marketing and SEO consulting, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

Lead generation is a key step in finding new clients for IT company. We help to automate this process on such platforms as LinkedIn, Upwork, etc.

Marketing and SEO consulting, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

Comprehensive business development strategy allows your IT-company to find its unique niche, plan sales, set clear goals and priorities.


Before we start our cooperation, we conduct a thorough analysis of your business and lay out a road map for your project, all free of charge!


We set KPIs — Key Performance Indicators — that will show you how we will be progressing towards achieving your goals. You will also be able to see the expected results before the work actually starts.


All documents, articles, quizzes, polls, sequences, automation schemes, instructions, etc. developed during the course of the work are unique and custom-made for you exclusively, and will stay with you after our cooperation ends.

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Niche analysis
ICP/USP development
Annual business plan
Tech stack analysis
Technical SEO
Backlink profile build up
Performance monitoring
Blog development
LinkedIn profile improvement
ICP development
Lead generation automation
Team training
Brand strategy development
Team recruitment
SEO & website development
Lead generation LinkedIn/Upwork
Traffic Increase

We guarantee traffic increase

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Marketing – it’s for sales

We have already helped more than 20 companies
We guarantee results

Our founders have come a long way and got extensive working  in different companies — from promising startups to acknowledged market leaders. Thanks to a well established know-how, our team guarantees providing professional marketing services to all our clients.

Results of our work

We are not just advisers and not an ordinary consulting agency. We are doers. We cooperate closely with our clients, go through all documents, instructions, KPIs, and funnels step by step, together. We train your team and take full responsibility for the results of our work.


We don’t offer a ‘magic pill’ that will do all the work for you. We expect a close cooperation with our clients, because only owners  can embody company’s mission and vision and outline to our team the results you’re looking for. 

Always in touch

You buy a service, not time. That’s why you will never hear us asking for an extra payment due to the fact that all allocated hours for your project have been used up.

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Your Partners
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Andrii Nalyvaiko
Strategy & Marketing
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Years in marketing
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Yulia Borushok
SEO & Marketing
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What clients are saying about us

We value our name and are responsible for the result of cooperation, so we expect a high level of involvement from the client.

All the reviews you see here are from real customers, or companies we’ve worked for and copied from our LinkedIn accounts, or are on the Clutch platform.

We continue to help companies we have worked with before with short consultations free of charge.

, Володимир Хміль Eng
Volodymyr Khmil

Our team had been working with Andriy for nearly three months (we hired him as a Sales & Marketing consultant). He quickly analysed the current sales department and fully set up the whole IT- sales and marketing process (including SEO). Also, we successfully organised RoadShow in London and involved new clients shortly.

, Inna Malaia ENG
Inna Malaia

Confidence, fun and pleasure at work. Andrey helps significantly in the development of Linkedin lead generation. Andrey is a person with whom you want to interact more. Smart, intelligent and dedicated. He sees the invisible, brings context from a slightly different perspective, which shows you additional sources to scale your business.

, Ростислав Богуш
Rostyslav Bogush

During his work in our company (1.8 years), the size of the company increased from 8 to 30 people. I recommend Andriy for both new businesses (as growth hacker and organizer of processes) and established companies to find new potential in business development. 

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    Page optimization elements

    There is no standard common workflow for page optimization. However, analysis and implementation measures should be as comprehensive as possible to ensure that every opportunity is used to increase search engine rankings (or other key performance indicators).

    Even if there is no simple step-by-step guide to improving the internal aspects of websites, the following list tries to cover most of the most common elements, divided into four main areas:

    When planning SEO for your website, the first thing to think about is content. It is also one of the highest priorities in SEO. Quality content is about how you engage your audience, how you showcase your expertise, and what attracts creepy-eyed people. Making real, valuable content is also critical among the factors that influence a site’s SEO.

    Whether it’s blog articles, product pages, testimonials, videos, or anything else that you create for your audience, the right content means you have the foundation to support all of your other SEO efforts.

    When planning a SEO strategy for your site, it’s easy to get confused and forget that everything we do in most cases: technical optimization, content marketing, building backlinks affect the traffic to the site in only 5 ways. When we understand this, then it is easier for us to plan all the next steps of SEO-optimization, which can help bring relevant traffic.

    So today we will talk about 5 methods that increase your organic search traffic and understand how to effectively promote a site with SEO.

    SEO-optimization of the site is an important stage in business promotion and generation of relevant traffic. Therefore, before you order SEO-optimization services from an individual specialist, or find and order services from SEO-agency that would be responsible for the site optimization process for search engines, it is important to understand a few things.

    First of all, SEO is a long process and the approach to it must be comprehensive. And, most likely, you will have to make changes to the site, modify its structure, make design adjustments and content to get a quality result. To do this, the SEO-specialist often has to enlist the support of the site owner and related professionals.

    LinkedIn (Linkedin) – is the most popular social network in the world, designed to find new contacts, communicate on business topics and find new business partners.
    Despite this business-oriented concept, today you can more often find here all the “classics” from other social networks, such as Tik-Tok (for example cat pictures, viral videos, etc.). Nevertheless, in general, the network content is mostly related to business and the overwhelming majority of registered users are entrepreneurs from Western countries.

    What is SEO-optimization of websites? Why do you need SEO at all? This question is asked by everyone who needs to promote their site in search networks in order to attract new customers, blog subscribers, or just to advertise their services or products on the Internet. After all, it makes no sense to even have the best designed site, which has no visitors at all. In order not to face such problems, there is SEO-optimization. So, let’s take a closer look.

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