SEO services for IT businesses

SEO promotion is a complex internal and external optimization of the website to improve its position in the search results, increase site visits and traffic monetization.

The essence of SEO professional services is to make the website better than competitors’ websites. SEO promotion allows you to attract users ready to buy your product.

The task of the website is to convince visitors of the permanent need for your product and to make them want to place an order. We know how to do it. Finding and attracting customers online is our job.

The criteria for choosing a promotion strategy in search engines are different for each business. We know what IT projects need to consider. We know this niche well and have studied user behavior. Our SEO agency is ready to use our expertise when working with you.

Our SEO professional services include:

How does SEO work?

Internet users look for specific phrases on Google and, thanks to SEO services, go to the site of a particular brand. SEO promotion’s effect is long-lasting, meaning an optimized site remains in the TOP-10 search engines for a long time. The SEO consultant will help you achieve such results.

What results will SEO promotion give:

Increasing traffic. The better the site is ranked in the search results, the more traffic it will receive. According to Google, the first search result reaches a click rating of more than 28%, and in the case of the tenth result, it falls below 3%.

Increase in sales or conversions. SEO promotion helps to improve the conversion rate of the site. For this purpose, all site elements related to sales and feedback are optimized.

High return on investment. One of the main advantages of SEO is the high return on investment compared to other forms of promotion in search engines, such as Google Ads.

We bring the keys to #1 Google
Traffic relevance
Bounce rate
Retention rate

Daily analysis of indicators, their correction and discussion bring results quickly enough.
We work on an iterative basis, which allows us to qualitatively manage the expected results.


We understand that the main goal of an IT business is to make a profit. That is why we analyze the effectiveness of all activities, constantly monitoring the achievement of ROI (Return of Investment Index) indicators.


We are in constant dialogue with clients and partners


We are open to changes and implementing the ideas


We guarantee the protection of all data


When you pay for the service, we set a specific date for completion


We monitor the effectiveness of our work daily


We charge for the work as much as it actually costs


We have a responsible approach to all stages of the project


We have hundreds of completed projects behind us

Our values
About our company

Our top priority is achieving your goals


Our mission is to provide your IT company with projects, regardless of whether they are inbound or outbound channels.

During our activities, we try to be as open as possible and transfer knowledge inside your company so that you can actually independently support the achieved result.

We want to become #1 in Ukraine, among the companies providing SEO services for IT business

Our main value is our clients, and we do our best to provide the best possible result.

During cooperation, we are guided by the principles of openness and honesty and are ready to work selflessly to achieve the expected result.

Our team

We are more friends than colleagues, which allows us to better understand each other and have synergy


We learn every day, this is what allows us to be one of the best among IT marketers and achieve results


Measurability of results is our priority. Creating a KPI system allows you to be on the same page with clients

Stages of SEO promotion
Industry analysis

You know precisely to whom your efforts will be directed, and you adjust the action plan considering the interests of a narrow segment of consumers.

Website and competition analysis

SEO agency evaluates the site’s visibility in search engines and conducts complex analytics.

Keyword analysis

At this stage, keywords are selected that accurately characterize the product or service and are necessary for the search promotion of the resource.

Analysis of key requests

Segmentation of key phrases from the semantic core based on search results.

Formation of the website structure

The process involves the creation of pages relevant to the target requests of Internet users.

Internal optimization

Internal optimization work is aimed at improving organic visibility.

External optimization

External optimization works with a link profile, the goal of which is to increase the number of authoritative links from other websites.

How can we help

Areas of business development of an IT company in which we are professionally engaged in consulting


We will help you carry out a professional SEO promotion of your company's website to the first page of Google with an adequate budget and within a reasonable time frame.


Lead generation is the key to finding new clients for an IT company, and we help set up this process on such platforms as LinkedIn, UpWork, etc.


Creating a business development strategy for an IT company will help you first find a unique niche for your company, and then - clearly plan the activities of sales and marketing departments.

Traffic increasing

We guarantee an increase in traffic

Satisfied customers

Prescribing sales KPIs

Recommend us

The founders work personally

Get more leads

Marketing is for sales

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write to us
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    Page optimization elements

    There is no standard common workflow for page optimization. However, analysis and implementation measures should be as comprehensive as possible to ensure that every opportunity is used to increase search engine rankings (or other key performance indicators).

    Even if there is no simple step-by-step guide to improving the internal aspects of websites, the following list tries to cover most of the most common elements, divided into four main areas:

    When planning SEO for your website, the first thing to think about is content. It is also one of the highest priorities in SEO. Quality content is about how you engage your audience, how you showcase your expertise, and what attracts creepy-eyed people. Making real, valuable content is also critical among the factors that influence a site’s SEO.

    Whether it’s blog articles, product pages, testimonials, videos, or anything else that you create for your audience, the right content means you have the foundation to support all of your other SEO efforts.

    When planning a SEO strategy for your site, it’s easy to get confused and forget that everything we do in most cases: technical optimization, content marketing, building backlinks affect the traffic to the site in only 5 ways. When we understand this, then it is easier for us to plan all the next steps of SEO-optimization, which can help bring relevant traffic.

    So today we will talk about 5 methods that increase your organic search traffic and understand how to effectively promote a site with SEO.

    SEO-optimization of the site is an important stage in business promotion and generation of relevant traffic. Therefore, before you order SEO-optimization services from an individual specialist, or find and order services from SEO-agency that would be responsible for the site optimization process for search engines, it is important to understand a few things.

    First of all, SEO is a long process and the approach to it must be comprehensive. And, most likely, you will have to make changes to the site, modify its structure, make design adjustments and content to get a quality result. To do this, the SEO-specialist often has to enlist the support of the site owner and related professionals.

    What is SEO-optimization of websites? Why do you need SEO at all? This question is asked by everyone who needs to promote their site in search networks in order to attract new customers, blog subscribers, or just to advertise their services or products on the Internet. After all, it makes no sense to even have the best designed site, which has no visitors at all. In order not to face such problems, there is SEO-optimization. So, let’s take a closer look.

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