Lead generation for IT companies

Lead generation is a key part of marketing for an IT company, which allows you to provide your sales team with quality leads and guarantee a stable position of the company in the market.
In order to create a constant stream of “inbound” leads, we use platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, apply email marketing and build an SEO strategy for your IT company.
Keys in Google Top
Response Rate (email)
LinkedIn Response Rate
Converting traffic to leads

Daily analysis of indicators, their correction and discussion bring results quickly enough.
We work on an iterative basis, which allows us to qualitatively manage the expected results.


We understand that the main goal of an IT business is to make a profit. That is why we analyze the effectiveness of all activities, constantly monitoring the achievement of ROI (Return of Investment Index) indicators.

We will create a full-fledged lead generation system for your IT company, because we absolutely have all the tools necessary for this, namely:

An approximate plan of work that we offer you

First, we will conduct a free audit of the current marketing status.


We will agree with you on the keywords and priority countries for promotion.


We will draw up a detailed plan that will help you implement your SEO strategy.


Over the next 5-8 months, we will implement the strategy according to the plan.


We will teach you or your employees to maintain the results obtained in the future.


In the future, we will advise you free of charge if you have any questions.

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, Lead generation
, Lead generation
Our values
About our company

Our top priority is achieving your goals

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, Lead generation

Our mission is to provide your IT company with projects, regardless of whether they are inbound or outbound channels.

During our activities, we try to be as open as possible and transfer knowledge inside your company so that you can actually independently support the achieved result.

We want to become #1 in Ukraine, among the companies providing marketing services for IT business.

Our main value is our clients, and we do our best to provide the best possible result.

During cooperation, we are guided by the principles of openness and honesty and are ready to work selflessly to achieve the expected result.

Our team

We are more friends than colleagues, which allows us to better understand each other and have synergy


We learn every day, this is what allows us to be one of the best among IT marketers and achieve results


Measurability of results is our priority. Creating a KPI system allows you to be on the same page with clients


We are always open to changes and try to implement the ideas of all clients


We do not use “smart words” and communicate in the client’s language


All work is carried out on a dedicated Google Drive and will remain in your company


We implement all new items like GSC Core Web Vitals or Google AMP


We monitor the effectiveness of our work on a daily basis


You will be surprised by the amount of payment for the work of a dedicated SEO specialist of our company


We strive to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time


If necessary, we will help you create a website and choose a hosting provider

How can we help

Areas of business development of an IT company in which we are professionally engaged in consulting

, Lead generation

We will help you carry out a professional SEO promotion of your company's website to the first page of Google with an adequate budget and within a reasonable time frame.

, Lead generation

Lead generation is the key to finding new clients for an IT company, and we help set up this process on such platforms as LinkedIn, UpWork, etc.

, Lead generation

Creating a business development strategy for an IT company will help you first find a unique niche for your company, and then - clearly plan the activities of sales and marketing departments.

Traffic increasing

We guarantee an increase in traffic

Satisfied customers

Prescribing sales KPIs

Recommend us

The founders work personally

Get more leads

Marketing is for sales

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