SEO-optimization of the site

SEO-optimization of the site: the main stages of promotion

SEO-optimization of the site is an important stage in business promotion and generation of relevant traffic. Therefore, before you order SEO-optimization services from an individual specialist, or find and order services from SEO-agency that would be responsible for the site optimization process for search engines, it is important to understand a few things.

First of all, SEO is a long process and the approach to it must be comprehensive. And, most likely, you will have to make changes to the site, modify its structure, make design adjustments and content to get a quality result. To do this, the SEO-specialist often has to enlist the support of the site owner and related professionals.

The structure of the work does not vary depending on a search engine that is used to optimize the site – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It also does not depend on the region in which the promotion is carried out – Ukraine, Europe, or site optimization for the United States. Therefore, we suggest reading the basic steps of optimization.

1 SEO audit of the website.

Before deciding to promote a site by certain keywords, it is important to conduct a comprehensive analysis of several indicators. In particular, the competitive environment, topics, and full analysis of the site.

Having obtained all the necessary access, the SEO-specialist analyzes the visibility of the site by keywords, analyzes competitors to understand what strategy they follow, performs analysis of market leaders to determine the best course of action. Analyzes the structure of competitors’ sites at the TOP of search results, their content, and backlink profile.

Based on this, the specialist can determine what budgets will be needed to promote the site in Google, what is needed to increase the backlinks to the site, the cost of content.

It is best if the first month of work is devoted to the technical optimization of the site with all the necessary global changes and further refinement.

2 Formation of the semantic core of the site.

This is an important step in the optimization process. Through the right selection of key phrases that we determine, the right customer will find our site. Based on the formed and clustered semantic core of the site, the structure of the site, landing pages and blog pages, writing texts, creating relinking, generating metadata are created.

3 Internal optimization.

Before embarking on the internal optimization of the site, the SEO-specialist conducts a comprehensive audit, which identifies the main problems that should be addressed.

Important elements of internal site optimization:

  • Quality page content
  • Page titles
  • Headlines
  • Meta tags
  • Alternate image text
  • Structured markup
  • Page URLs
  • Internal relinking
  • Adaptability
  • Site speed

All SEO elements on the page are divided into three main categories:

  • Content items
  • HTML elements
  • Elements of site architecture

Be sure to perform the following points:

  • Forming the address of pages on the site
  • Improving server response speed and website page loading.
  • Deletion of duplicates through constant redirects, canonical addresses, no index.
  • Creating an XML site map.
  • Optimization of pagination pages.
  • Optimization of code from the server and page titles.
  • Micromarking settings.

4 Content optimization.

Content is an important component, without which the site will fail to move to the top of the search engine. That is why there are quite a lot of requirements for it. Conducting a comprehensive audit of the site, SEO-optimizer checks the uniqueness of the content, its saturation with keywords, quality, availability of all elements on the page. Content is king not only because with its help we saturate the site with keywords, but also convince the visitor in our expertise, give professional details, and useful information to the user, which can satisfy visitor’s intention, with which one entered the search engine.

SEO-optimization of content also has certain rules:

  1. Content must be unique. From 90 to 100% on various instruments.
  2. Content should be useful and readable.
  3. You should use key phrases on the pages, but not spam with them. Always remember that your readers are living people and write more for them than for a search engine.

The optimizer manually generates unique meta tags (Title, Description, and H1 headers) and sends the page for indexing.

5 Internal relinking.

Often the reason for poor site ranking is poorly organized internal relinking of the site, i.e filling the page with static weight.

It is important not just to create landing pages, but also to organize internal relinking (internal links of site pages to other pages within the site) so that users and the search engine can easily get to other pages. Otherwise, they may not appear in the search engine index.

We will develop a unique SEO strategy for your website

The cost is $1000 per month, project duration 3-5 months.

6 External site optimization.

External site optimization is not just about links. It also means actions taken outside of your own website to affect your ranking on search results pages (SERPs).

External optimization of ranking factors involves improving the perception of the search engine and users of the popularity, relevance, reliability, and credibility of the site. This is achieved through other authoritative resources on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) that link to or promote your website and effectively “guarantee” the quality of your content.

Based on the ranking of pages by queries and traffic analysis by category, SEO-specialists constantly work with the structure of the site, expand it, make changes to texts, meta tags, internal linking, the number of external links to the pages. This is a long process.

Everything is complicated by the constant updating of search engine algorithms, in connection with which it is often necessary to make changes in the strategy of site promotion and constantly improve it for users and search engines.

The introduction of quality SEO on the site will always be useful for the development of the brand, its recognition and marketing efforts.

This is considered a “new age” marketing method, but it is also a critical marketing element today. Especially when the competition in the market is growing almost daily. In order to generate quality traffic to the site and find leads, we recommend attracting the maximum number of digital channels: lidogeneration in LinkedIn, SEO-optimization, or create a sales department, and the Bizzzdev team is ready to take care of all marketing processes and establish sales in your companies.

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