main ways to increase organic search traffic

5 main ways to increase organic search traffic

When planning a SEO strategy for your site, it’s easy to get confused and forget that everything we do in most cases: technical optimization, content marketing, building backlinks affect the traffic to the site in only 5 ways. When we understand this, then it is easier for us to plan all the next steps of SEO-optimization, which can help bring relevant traffic.

So today we will talk about 5 methods that increase your organic search traffic and understand how to effectively promote a site with SEO.

1 The growth of positions on the keys that are already ranked in the search engine.

One of the easiest ways to promote websites on the Internet is to improve the optimization of keywords that are already ranked in the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, or others). We often focus on promoting new keywords instead of working with those that already have certain positions, for example optimizing keys from position 4-10 to 1-3. It is a known fact that in search results, each position that is lower than the previous one receives less traffic and, accordingly, generates fewer leads, so this work is important. Also, the more keywords in the TOP 3, the greater will be the trust of Google in the site and the easier it will be to promote the site in Google and bring in the top other keywords.

This is not news for a long time, but this fact is often forgotten when planning to promote the site and invest resources in it.

It is worth remembering that the higher your goal, the more conditional “ticks” should be put at the stage of site promotion.

The requirements depend on the request you are promoting.

To understand how to rank higher for a keyword or set of keywords, we need to compare our content and multi-dimensional domain with the results of the site that ranks highest for that keyword in the target region.

2 Promoting keywords with a long tail.

Keywords that already have a good position in organic output can be optimized for keywords with a so-called long “tail”. Such additional queries can be an extended version of the main key, more specific, interrogative, variable, or simply longer.

Typically, increasing your keyword rankings can have the following reasons:

  • Content received more backlinks.
  • Content was expanded.
  • Content was updated.

In each of the three cases, this change indicates to Google that the content is relevant or authoritative for more queries.

3 Ranking by brand new keywords.

For the most part, we focus on stimulating organic traffic, forgetting about other methods.

While ranking by new keywords is undoubtedly the most effective driver of organic traffic, it also requires the most effort.

You can find new keywords in several ways:

  1. Identify keyword gaps in competitors.
  2. Look for keywords related to those for which you already hold positions.
  3. Think of topics/keywords that you don’t already cover.
  4. Get suggestions from tools.

Note that it usually takes time for Google to understand the changes when launching new content and to respond to such updates.

The new content has a “build-up time” to unleash its full potential, during which Google evaluates and ranks it higher or uses it to attract more keywords.

This time depends on several factors, such as the link profile or the quality of the content.

4 Ranking in special characters of the search engine.

Increase your CTR

Quality SEO attracts the attention of searchers and meets the expectations when users follow the link.

Thus, improving your clickthrough rate (CTR) is an option that can generate more organic traffic with little effort.

We have three main options to get more user attention:

  1. Extended snippets.
  2. Header optimization.
  3. Optimization of the description.

In its search gallery, Google shows a wide range of advanced descriptions: links to sites, frequently asked questions, snippets of star ratings, and more.

Not every extended snippet has a significant effect, and can sometimes even be negative.

That is why we always test all our guesses.

Explore the search gallery

Not every site can use the full range of extended descriptions, but each site can view certain extended descriptions, and each site can optimize headings and descriptions.

The query transition depends on what other SERP features Google displays.

Position in the characteristics of the SERP

Google search has changed to improve the user experience, aimed at directly answering questions or directing users to the right place within the 10 blue links of the search results page.

Websites still get a lot of traffic from Google, but at the same time, they compete with each other.

We can somehow control the appearance of the website in advanced SERP functions. The most obvious possibility is Featured Snippets, which has become the №1 venue.

However, there is more.

Other unpaid opportunities that you can influence include:

  1. Carousel of images.
  2. PPA.
  3. FAQ snippet.
  4. Local search delivery.
  5. The most popular stories and articles with lots of content.

The growing use of Google’s SERP features is forcing users to scan search results using the “pinball” template rather than the classic F-template.

The click-through rate varies depending on how many SERP features Google displays for a particular query.

This effect is amplified on mobile devices.

5 Conclusion: Opportunities and Tactics

We will help you increase organic search traffic.

The cost is $1000 per month, project duration 3-5 months.

As SEO professionals, we need to stop looking for the influence of tactics and start looking for the influence of opportunities.

The five main ways to drive organic traffic are great starting points for determining the size of opportunities, which makes it easier to obtain resources because investments are made in potential returns, not tactics.

Each of the five methods has a different balance of effort and return

If you expect a quick result that you can manage without relying on anyone else, improving your clickthrough rate is your best bet.

If you are looking for the greatest possible impact on the search engine, then move on to writing new content.

Keep in mind that change is not always due to what we do.

As the Internet grows and develops, Google constantly indexes new content and compares it to what is already ranked.

Google is improving its understanding with new advances in natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU).

Google’s quality definition is not static.

Some changes to the algorithm may attract more organic traffic to content that hasn’t changed just to improve Google’s understanding.

So we advise you to keep an eye on the pulse of changes in organic search and updates of Google. Then the promotion of the website in the search engine (SEO) will be the most effective and could convert into relevant traffic and generate leads.

If you are just thinking about how to create an IT company, create a sales department in an IT company, or how to generate leads from LinkedIn, the Bizzzdev team will be happy to help with advice and practical actions.

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