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Outreach link. Features and methods of obtaining

Today we will discuss the importance of inbound links. After all, your website needs them on other people’s resources. Google Help tells us that such links can influence the rankings of your website. If we make an analysis based on links, we can find out how useful and relevant your web resource is.

There are many ways to get external links from other resources. Now we will talk about the outreach method. 

What is outreach? This is one of the most effective and cost-effective methods of promoting a business online. By increasing your link weight, you can achieve good reach and, as a result, increase sales.

How do you get them? I suggest now to devote yourself to this issue.

🟪 Outreach promotion

Outreach links are external links on an external site. We will conditionally call it a donor. What does it take to get such links? Find and negotiate with the owners of those resources that seem suitable for you.

You also can choose good sites – with minimal spamming or other important characteristics for you. In this way, you will be in control.

In most cases, external links are purchased, but it is crucial to look natural. For example, Google does not approve of this exchange, so the outreach should look organic.

Specifics of this method:

  • External links are beneficial for thematic resources. They can be placed on various thematic publications because they may interest the donor site.
  • Thanks to such links, or rather clicking on them, it is possible to receive additional traffic for your site.
  • Obtaining links may take longer since many suitable donor sites may be available, but not every resource will agree to post links on conditions ideal for you.
  • Placement prices may be higher than those of the exchanges.
  • You can always contact the site management to update the information.

The outreach method allows you not to get to the resources engaged in the constant link selling. Accordingly, your placement is more valuable, and getting under the ban due to placing links on questionable sites is reduced.

🟪 The main stages of promotion

  • collect key queries to find the necessary sites in the search engine results;
  • collect sites according to the order of the queries or look for resources by analyzing the competitive profile;
  • determine how relevant these sites are;
  • find the email addresses of the owners or administration of sites;
  • send a letter with a request for placing links, price, and primary conditions;
  • select those who agreed on the price and other aspects;
  • revise the requirements and conditions of the sites and prepare the necessary content;
  • post and check the material from the links;
  • analyze the results after placement.

If your site is of the topic YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), such resources will be treated more strictly by Google because they have the potential to influence a user’s health, financial well-being, or safety. That is why the owners of such sites need to pay attention to the selection of donors so that among them, there are sites with the highest authority.

🟪 Preparing key queries

Key queries – where to start?

Google Keyword Planner or Serpstat will help you with this challenging task.

Start with token queries, determine which one best defines your site, then clear out the irrelevant ones. 

🟪 Search for the best sites

  1. With the help of parsing programs, you can find sites for the collected requests.

Add the semantics you need, geolocation, language, search engine (mainly Google) to the program. After parsing, the program will give you a list of Internet pages you just need to copy.

The Serpstat resource can also help you with this task – select the “Top by phrase” field. Thus, you will see a report on the issuance of the results of the key phrase you need.

Another way to find the most promising sites is to analyze referring domains from competitors. Serpstat will do this job as well.

We will help you with link building

The cost is $1000 per month, project duration 3-5 months.

🟪 Quality of donor sites

The quality of the links is vital to the ranking of your internet website.

So how do you find a high-quality website? In fact, there is no exact answer to this question, as there are no specific criteria. But you need to look at each site comprehensively.

– Location.

When choosing websites, give preference to those in your region because, most likely, your target audience is also there. If you are unsure which region the CA is located in, just check your resource using extensions to search for such statistics (SimilarWeb, etc.). After this check, you can delete unnecessary domains. 

– Attendance

The more traffic on the site, the higher the involvement. Good traffic of the donor site will help you to get additional traffic. 

Again, use the resources to check your attendance (Serpstat, SimilarWeb, etc.).

It would be better to remove those sites with very low traffic from your list (less than 500 visits per month).

– Traffic sources

It is vital to pay attention to the traffic share. It can be straight and exploratory. It is better if the first and last percentage is more than 50%. You can find the correlation of sources using additional extensions (for example, SimilarWeb). Remove unsuitable sites from the list. 

– Strength of backlinks

Use DR (domain rank) to determine “link popularity”. A high DR score will show that the site has a good linking opportunity. Ahrefs service will analyze according to this metric.

– Inbound and outbound links and their ratio

If the donor site has more inbound than outbound links, this is a good indicator that the resource prefers quality over quantity. These resources are important for us.

– Content

This is an important selection step. You will need to look at the topic and focus of the resources manually, and pay attention that 1) the donor site is not your competitor; 2) there is a section or heading that is appropriate for your material; 3) the absence of spam; 4) on the literacy of the design of publications;

– Backlinks of donor sites

Check backlinks of the potential donor sites to see if there are any links to spam sites. Use the Ahrefs resource.

– Anchor

The donor site’s backlink anchors should be organic. Check them out with the extensions you already know.

🟪 Contact Information

The next point after selecting the best sites will be to search for contacts of the owners of these resources. Netpeak Checker and Google Sheets will help automate this process.

🟪 Written appeal

It is necessary to correctly, briefly, and essentially form your request in the letter. In the subject line of your email, it’s best to include the goal of posting a backlink right away. Also, don’t forget to ask about the price and payment method. In addition, it is important to know what type of link can be placed, publication language, etc.

🟪 Price selection

After receiving information about the price, you can finally decide on the sites based on your previous analysis. Make a table to understand the relevance of certain resources better. It would be best if you did not immediately reject sites that are either very overpriced or, on the contrary, underpriced. The same goes for other indicators. It will work better if you mix price levels and metrics from time to time. In this way, you can achieve the balance of the link mass.

🟪 Text for future publication

Find out the specific requirements for articles and prepare materials. To do this, you need to draw up project requirements for a copywriter. Usually, project requirements look something like this:

  • topic;
  • the language of the text;
  • the volume of the article;
  • keywords;
  • a percentage of uniqueness;
  • organic link insertion.

There are also various points, such as images, headers, anchors, tags, thesis, etc. Rely on the requirements that the owners of donor sites put forward to you, and create your text so that it is a perfect fit for their sites. 

🟪 Article publication on the donor site

If you notice errors, be sure to contact the resource representative to make corrections as soon as possible. It is binding to check the correctness of the link.

🟪 Placement results

It is essential to do a small analysis after the publication, best – after 2-3 months. Checking traffic is easy with using Google Analytics and page positions after placement – with Google Search Console. 

By the way, these extensions make it possible to see the resources from which the traffic was redirected, that is, whether there were transitions from the donor site where the link to your web page is posted.

🟪 Conclusion

Outreach is one of the excellent promotion methods; getting links safely and organically contributes to your resource’s traffic.

The selection of high-quality sites for placement will give a chance to raise the website’s position.

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