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How to index pages using the Google Indexing Api service

Often in SEO, there is a need to index a large number of pages, while various services allow you to index only one page at a time. In order to send as many URLs as possible to the index, you can use the excellent service from Google – Indexing Api. With this tool, setting up and indexing pages will happen much faster.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the step-by-step connection instructions. So, where to start:

  • Connect the Indexing Api to the Google search console;
  • Get the JSON key;
  • Configure NODE.JS.

And then we will consider in more detail the main steps for successful indexing.

🟪 How to connect Indexing Api to Searching Console.

An important point is the creation of a service account. First you need to grant access to the console. And then with the help of the Google service – Gloud Platform, you need to create a project. Give your project a name and go to the “Service accounts” tab. This is where you can create your own. Choose a name for your account and choose the role “Owner”.

After completing all settings and confirmations, you will be able to generate a key. In the “Action” section, select the key creation item and the JSON type. After that, the key will automatically download to your device.

🟪 How to configure the script

First of all, you need to download the script to your device and unzip it. Here you will find the service-account file, the contents of which must be replaced with the received JSON key. After these actions, the finished script can be added to Search Console.

🟪 How to link a script to Google Search Console

To begin with, you need to go to our project in GSC. We add a new user through the settings.

To add a user, you must enter a Cloud Platform email address with Full Access checked. At the next stage, you need to slightly adjust the settings, so we find the “Owner” tab, after three dots we get to the “Owner Management” section and again add the e-mail address from the Cloud Platform service.

The last step is to enable indexing of the API. We select our project through Google Cloud and turn on ARRI.

🟪 How to enable the script

In the folder that was unzipped, you need to find the “urls” file. Here you can insert a large number of URLs for indexing. Per day – limit of 200 pcs.

Next, download the NODE.JS code. It is easily found freely available.

We will process all the following steps using the command line. Here it will be important to open the folder with which we previously worked through the command line. Next, we download all the library files via the install request and audit fix commands. And finally, the node index.js command.

Here is an easy way to index pages.

We hope you found this article helpful!

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