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How to check website’s positions by the keywords

Why do you need to constantly check the positions of your site? Keyword testing is important, because we need to understand how effective the promotion strategy you have chosen is, how it works, whether there is a need for additional optimization or not, and whether we are satisfied with the result or not.

Ways to check the positions:

  • Online resources; 
  • Apps for smartphones and PC; 
  • Manual check. 

Online resources

Special online programs, which can be both paid and free, will help analyze a large number of keys.

🟪 Paid resources

Here we can find many services that differ in the breadth of their functionality.

  • will help you to check the positions in the search results. Here you can view the Top 100 results by region, subdomain or mobile results. This service also has other useful features to help you with promoting. Here you can check the frequency and clustering of queries, view the history of positions for specific days, and select the main positions of individual URLs. You will also be able to monitor competitors, and to get an additional list of similar queries and information about the filling of various texts with keywords, such as snippets or advertisements, etc. with the help of a special API.

Price – 0.0003 dollars for 1 position.  

  • Seolib. With this resource you will be able to check the ranking of the resource in Yandex and Google. In addition, there is a check of positions for both regular and mobile rankings. A useful feature will be receiving reports in weeks and months.

Pricing policy – $ 0.0006 for 1 position.  

  • Rankinity. A service that works live and with different search engines. With it, you will not only be able to check the ranking and search engine rankings, but also compare positions with similar keywords of your competitors.

For 10 tests per month (one test is around 100 keywords) the price will be about 4 dollars.

  • AllPositions. You can get a free test check of the site’s positions, but we recommend using the paid version to try even more features of this service, including analysis of competitive web resources, collection of statistics, periodic checks of specific lists of keywords.

Checking one position costs 1 coin, which you can buy for $ 0.0012. New users receive 1,000 coins for free.

  • Rush-Analytics. Here you will find tools for automation and analysis of PPC and SEO. You can also analyze search engine rankings, get tips on searching, monitor clustering and indexing, and top keyword leaders.

Pricing policy – from $ 12 per month. It is also possible to get free trial access.

  • Serpstat is a multifunctional service that will help you get a list of keywords, in-depth analysis of all keys and their positions, understand the relevance of the resource, monitor rankings and generally has a wide range of functions. The inspections are regular, this service will not be able to perform on demand.

The price starts from 19 dollars a month.

  • Topvisor. This resource will be useful for quickly figuring out your positions and comparing them with competitors’. You can also use other useful tools to search for new keywords, create a sitemap, analyze the technical side, and more.

The service has no subscriptions, the client must pay for completed checks. The cost of one checkis $ 0.00036.

  • Seranking is one of the most popular resources. There are many useful and necessary features that people who are new to this case will be able to easily understand, because the information is clear and understandable. In addition to position checks, you will also be able to use more than 15 tools: competitor analysis, audit, backlink monitoring, etc. They work with a variety of search engines.

You will be able to create a test account, but the paid version opens up more opportunities for you. The monthly rate starts at $ 9, but if you only need one check, you can buy it for $ 0.001.

🟪 Free services

Among the free online resources we can highlight the services of Google and Yandex, WebMaster. These simple basic tools are free and available, but sometimes they work with a delay, which can affect the accuracy of the information. For beginners with a small number of projects, these resources will help seeing a big picture and in general it is quite a good option to start with.

Let’s learn more about these online tools.

How to track positions using Yandex WebMaster

To get started, you need to register and add your website. Then find the section “Search queries” and among the latest search queries are the groups of queries that you need (this can be all queries, selected ones, or just the most popular ones). This will give you a list of keywords.

In addition to analyzing site positions, WebMaster has a number of other useful features, including analysis of impressions over a specific period of time, monitoring clicks on your page, selecting a specific promotion region and device type, and more.

How to track positions with Google WebMaster

Comparing the functionality of these two tools from different companies, you can see that there are a lot of similarities, but Google still has a much wider set of options. To get a list of keywords and page positions in search results, select Search Traffic, where you can find analysis of search queries.

Another useful feature is the Google Search Console, which filters by date, device types, search types (photo, video, text query), monitores traffic, analyzes links, counts clicks, impressions, positions, and more.

We will develop a unique SEO strategy for your website

The cost is $1000 per month, project duration 3-5 months.

Apps for smartphones and PC

🟪 Apps for PC

Desktop programs can also help tracking positions. In general, they have a quite wide set of options, simple and easy to use. However, such PC apps usually work better in the full, i.e. paid version, and of course, systematic updates are required for the correct operation of the resource.

Today we can recommend one of the most popular programs – KeyCollector. For the most part, this resource is used to select semantic cores, but it will also be convenient to use it to obtain ranking information.

Here you can analyze positions, change regions, add keys and use many other useful features to help improve the website promotion.

Similar features are also available in other services, such as Yazzle, SerpParser, SeMonitor, SeoPowerSuite, WebLogAnalyzer. Usually, those who are just beginning to explore SEO, will find enough online resources, PC apps, although easy to use, require a lot of knowledge and skills in the field. Usually, these desktop programs are used directly by those who are engaged in SEO-optimization.  

🟪 Apps for smartphones

If your main activity takes place on devices with Android and iOS operating systems, then it is more convenient to use special apps for these systems. These apps can be paid, with more wider functionality, and free, with basic features only. It is difficult to choose from a large number of similar apps, so choose the highest positions in the Top.

I suggest you to learn about these few examples:

  • SEO Tool is one of the most popular apps for iOS. This program has a fairly wide set of tools. Works with many search engines, checks positions with graphs and reports, you can change the region, monitor the dynamics of positions. It’s very easy to use – just select the number of search queries, keywords, search engine and add the web address of your site.
  • SEO Watcher – an app for Android. There are free and paid versions. The free version is somewhat limited, but allows you to check up to 5 search queries.
  • SEO Serp Mojo is also an Android app. The functions are similar to previous programs, but you have an unlimited number of position checks, and can view the ranking. In addition, the program works with almost all search engines.

Foreign apps for checking positions of the website

For even more detailed analysis, you can use not just the domestic analogues of the apps, but also foreign ones. They are also available online and for PC use.

Next, we will learn about a few of such services.

🟪 PC apps in English

Rankware is a pretty good desktop app, most of the functionality of which is free. Suitable for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. You can check an unlimited number of positions for free, but only for one resource. Of course, the paid version will open more options of this app.

🟪 Online-services in English

  • SeoProfiler will help you analyze rankings and competitors. There are several useful features such as site audit, tools for links, options for SMM. The trial version is free here, for full access you need to buy a tariff plan, prices start from $ 70 per month.
  • Link assistant. This resource will also be useful for checking rankings and audits. Position analysis takes place in 3 different search engines, the number of keywords is unlimited, and the checks themselves can be done both daily and on a regular basis. Pricing policy – from $ 125.
  • RankWatch. In addition to position checking, this resource can be used to check data history, here you can receive detailed reports, messages on your email, you can change the region of the search and more. Price – from $ 30, but it is possible to get a trial version.
  • SerpFox is a resource that is determined by the accuracy of checks, there are free checks of up to 10 positions, as well as the ability to obtain ranking history, detailed reports and many other useful features. You will have to pay from $ 10 for a monthly subscription.
  • MicroSiteMasters. This service will help you with ranking analysis, in addition, you can see the relevant positions in the Google search engine. Also, you can observe the dynamics of a particular period. There is a trial version, the paid one starts from $ 50 per month.
  • SerpBook – a wide range of functions, in addition to collecting positions, you can work with keywords and integration of the API, change the search regions, make ranking reports and more.

Pricing policy – from $ 16 per month of use.

Manual checking

This method is rarely used by specialists because it is the least reliable one. However, sometimes you need to check a small number of requests (not more than 10), or check some specific requests once more. So you can do it manually. Now we will try to understand how to do such analysis. It’s best to start by turning on the incognito mode, as each search engine will issue queries based on your search history, geolocation, and more.

  • If you use Yandex, then in the new search window enter the desired keyword and click “Search”. If necessary, change the search region.
  • Use the same principle for Google checks. Remember that even in incognito mode, the search engine still tries to track your geolocation. To change this, click ‘Consider my location’ at the bottom of the page.

So, if you are a beginner and just starting to research SEO, we recommend that you start with free resources, whether it’s a Google service or some other site that has been discussed in this article today. This way, you will be able to learn more about the functionality and in the future start using more professional profiles.

If you are an experienced specialist in your field, we hope that today you have also learned something useful for yourself. We recommend that you continue giving preference to online resources, as it is easier to give information to customers this way.

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