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15 Free SEO Tools Which Can Increase Traffic, Clicks, Sales

When something is free, it’s very nice. And when this pleasant thing also brings benefits (money, additional traffic, higher ratings and sales), this makes the tool irreplaceable. There are many free services that allow you to carry out a variety of marketing manipulations, but not all of them are effective.

Today we are going to take a look at the top 15 SEO tools that are easy to use, effective, and some of them are completely free!

Google Analytics

Who hasn’t heard about Google Analytics? Probably only those who are not interested in marketing at all. After all, this is a multifunctional service that provides detailed and extensive information about site visits, traffic and much more. Based on the data obtained, it is possible and even necessary to adjust the marketing strategy of the company.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a key tool for marketers that provides information in an understandable way, focusing on key factors, saving time in processing and organizing large amounts of data. The Search Console has become an indispensable tool that makes it easy to optimize routine tasks.


Ubersuggest is a handy tool that simplifies the workflow of any SEO professional. SEO success depends on a thorough analysis of the situation, studying the actions of competitors, and adjusting your actions to adapt to current optimization and promotion trends. Thanks to Ubersuggest, first, you can work based on search engine optimization – collecting and expanding the semantic core.


MozBar is, first, a convenient browser extension that allows you to get information about key site metrics without unnecessary manipulation. There are both paid and free versions of the service. For beginner SEOs, even the free version is enough to get key metrics.

SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

SEOWorkers Analysis Tool allows you to analyze the URL of any website. The service calculates the length of the title, its relevance to the page content and many other indicators.

A feature of SEOWorker is a training approach to information presentation. The tool will be useful primarily for beginners.

WooRank Website Review

At first glance, the WooRank website review is a common analysis tool. However, upon closer examination, the service provides useful information about many components of the site. For example, the service allows you to find out if the site has a blog, without wasting time on going to the site. In addition, the service not only analyzes traffic but also collects geolocation data.

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

We’ve already covered Ubersuggest, but there is another tool you need to know about. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer was previously a standalone tool, so we are considering it as a separate item. It’s a really valuable tool – and it’s completely free.
Just plug in your URL, and it will take the tool about 10 minutes to browse the site. He’ll also talk about SEO issues, see how the site works on mobile devices, and give you advice on how to improve your site.


When the question arises of the urgent need to increase quality traffic, most marketers by default create new content, purchase new backlinks and take other standard actions in a similar situation. But is it worth it just to clog the site with new content without analyzing the old pages? Service ClickFlow shows old pages on the site that no longer work well, and do not bring traffic. These legacy pages are great candidates for content optimization. To use the functionality ClickFlow, you need to connect it to the Google Search Console. As soon as ClickFlow imports the data, you will see a report showing the site pages that have lost the most search traffic in the last 12 months.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public allows you to find the queries that users ask Google when they search for information. Adding search queries to the content will help attract additional traffic and raise the site in search results.

To get a list of requests, you just need to enter a keyword, and the service will provide a complete list of requests related to that keyword. Similar to Ubersuggest, it also shows comparison and keywords associated with prepositions.

Google Search Console is a key tool for marketers that provides information in an understandable way, focusing on key factors, saving time in processing and organizing large amounts of data.

We will develop a unique SEO strategy for your website

The cost is $1000 per month, project duration 3-5 months. offers the same concept of collecting information as Google Suggest, but for several search engines and resources (including Amazon, Play Store, YouTube, and others).

Of course, first, many SEOs are working to improve the position of the site in Google, but you should not discount other search engines as well. If you want to get the most traffic and make your site useful for different search engines, is a fantastic SEO tool.


FAQfox is a neat tool for finding questions people want answers to. Very often, adding answers to popular questions to the page allows you to win higher positions in the search results.

FAQfox’s work is simple. For example, you can enter the word “marketing” and below in the box, specify as the URL – and FAQfox will show questions based on the categories people ask on Quora.

Google SERP Preview Tool

A big misconception is that Google only uses the number of characters for meta tags. Pixels are what counts first. The Google SERP tool will tell you how many pixels the meta tags contain and whether they will be disabled by Google. It also shows a preview of what the web pages will look like on Google. The preview that Google displays in search results can have a significant impact on the rate of clicks to your site. This neat tool lets you know how users see your site in search results.

Pagespeed Insights

Website loading speed is one of the key metrics. The faster a site loads, the higher its rankings, especially when it comes to Google’s mobile index.
Pagespeed Insights will tell you what needs to be fixed so that your site loads quickly on any device, whether you’re optimizing for desktop or portable devices.


SEOptimer is a simple tool that provides an overview of SEO performance and content on a page. All you need to do is enter a URL to get information, and the tool will provide a free SEO site audit and recommend tasks you can perform to improve your site’s SEO.

SEOptimer also shows parameters such as page speed when analyzing, and analyzes the quality of website loading for all types of devices. You can even view social media sharing data.

XML-Sitemaps automatically generates a sitemap that you add and submit to Google Search Console. A sitemap helps search engines crawl your site and is an essential attribute of every web resource. Not every webmaster knows all the intricacies of creating a sitemap, which can lead to errors when filling out a document manually. XML-Sitemaps, on the other hand, “knows” how to correctly create a sitemap to facilitate the crawling of a resource by search robots.

Are you using any of these tools? Having extensive experience in search engine optimization, we recommend that you try out the functionality of each of the services, evaluate their usefulness and functionality – and you will see how SEO can become easier for you!

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