The Importance of SEO in Lead Generation

Lead generation and SEO, that is, search engine optimization, are partly overlapping marketing concepts, but, in fact, they are entirely different.

It can be difficult for business owners to see the difference and decide where to direct their attention. We believe that both concepts are important, but their connection and necessity for your business are not always obvious.

To understand how these two work and complement each other, you need to understand the terminology of each of them.

🟪 SEO – What Is It and What Does It Do?

Website search engine optimization, or simply SEO, is a process that helps improve the work of the code, text content, site structure, compliance with the requirements of search engines to increase traffic to your site. That is, we see the purpose of this concept as improving the web page order to increase your rankings on the search engine results page. Thus, the necessary conditions are created to attract the people your business needs through the search systems.

The advantage of SEO is increased visibility, which builds trust in your products or services.

🟪 Lead Generation: Is It A Synonym or a Separate Tactic?

This marketing concept is focused on finding potential customers to ensure the sale of a product or service. This process is used by companies with a business-to-business and business-to-consumer strategy. This tactic helps support organic business growth, reach a customer-centric audience, and convert a consumer into a buyer.

So, we figured out the difference between the terms. Now you can see how these two strategies can be combined to increase traffic and leads while building your sales funnel.

🟪 A Lead and SEO

So, we already figured out that SEO and lead generation are different, but they always go hand in hand. We suggest considering an example of a company forced to switch to remote work due to the pandemic. The HR manager does not yet understand how to solve the problem of employees working together on projects.

In this case, the manager turns to good old Google search and types in search phrases such as “home office collaboration tool”, “how to work in a team online”, “how to work remotely with a team,” and so on.

Thus, a search will lead them to a blog titled “Trending Tips on Using Video Conferencing for Remote Work.” And if their company does not find a solution for video communication, then the search will continue, and there will be a section on how Skype helps create conditions for distance cooperation.

After carefully studying the Skype materials, the manager will sign up their entire team to use the application. What do we have as a result? The HR manager is almost in the Skype lead funnel.

What exactly convinced the employee? For instance, the correct backlinks from various reputable resources and the quality content of the Skype website itself. This is how SEO can affect lead generation.

🟪 SEO and Lead Generation

In short, search engine optimization really helps with lead generation. Let’s see how this can happen.

  • Help in the distribution of keywords related to the targeting business; 

  • the ability to find your content through regular search results by potential customers;

  • If the target audience satisfies their needs with your content, then conditions are created for turning an ordinary visitor into a lead, which ultimately leads to a sale.

SEO is like a funnel that can capture a wave of potential customers on your website. As a result, your site can become one of the best lead generation tools.

Companies once used some kind of original marketing tactics. With the era of digital marketing, cold calls have become almost ineffective. Inbound marketing tactics like SEO work great today because potential customers are looking for you, not the other way around. And all because you better perceive what you are selling than a client to whom you turn to buy completely unexpectedly.

We will develop a unique SEO strategy for your website

The cost is $1000 per month, project duration 3-5 months.

🟪 Let’s talk in the language of statistics.
Here’s some data on SEO and lead generation.

  • More than 50% of business-to-business marketers believe that SEO is significantly better than other marketing tactics at winning leads. (Source – Junto)
  • SEO lead closure is almost 15% (Source – HubSpot)

Therefore, SEO lead generation is exactly what you need if you are looking for one of the most effective strategies to attract more leads.

🟪 How to best use SEO to generate leads

Let’s consider a quick but solid step-by-step plan to increase your web page traffic organically. If you are not yet familiar with these steps, you will increase your chances of finding new clients by using them.

  1. Parse the keywords

By serving your content correctly, you can appeal to more potential customers. Therefore, we recommend that you consider what your offer is, what its value, what the personality of your buyer is. It is necessary to pay attention to those key terms that describe your proposal and for which you can appear in search results, as well as those terms that the audience is looking for when they seek to solve their problem. From these results, you will build on and build your content.

  1. Create thematic clusters

SEO rules are constantly changing. Therefore, today the strategy of just filling content with keywords doesn’t work anymore. Search algorithms are getting smarter, and exact results can no longer be extracted using key terms. Modern search engines focus on intent and context. A more effective strategy would be to use content clusters to improve your search rankings. Create better quality content with your searcher’s intent in mind.

  1. Try on-page optimization

Optimization works on improving your position in search results. It is important because it helps search engines better understand your content and whether it is suitable for a user’s request. Think about what you can do to optimize – customize the display of your content to users: these can be images, video, or audio. For search engines, work on title tags and structured data.

  1. Create links

Building suitable links is one of the crucial aspects of SEO and plays a key role in the success of your web page. Having received a link from a site with a high domain rating, you will increase your site’s trust level and authority, which means you will be able to get more visits.

  1. Optimization on mobile devices

According to statistics, most of the traffic is generated on mobile devices. That is why make sure your site is optimized for these devices. Who likes to read a tiny version of a web page on their smartphone?

Take care of mobile responsiveness and improve the usability of your site. The mobile device industry continues to grow and evolve, so keep up with and stay relevant and competitive.

  1. Take care of new content

Remember to update your old content systematically. Think about how you can modernize it, what to add, and what should be removed. Search engines focus on novelty, so don’t ignore this point.

🟪 Additional Suggestions for SEO Lead Generation Effectiveness

  • A compelling title that grabs the reader’s attention
  • Image or other media content must have correct titles
  • Alternative tags
  • Internal and external links should always work correctly
  • Organic keywords
  • Meta tags for each page of the website
  • Prohibition to index of inappropriate content
  • URLs that users can understand
  • Up-to-date sitemap

The techniques discussed in this blog post will help improve the situation. Use basic methods and don’t forget new ones to stay competitive at all times.

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