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01 Mar: What is SEO-optimization of websites?

What is SEO-optimization of websites? Why do you need SEO at all? This question is asked by everyone who needs to promote their site in search networks in order to attract new customers, blog subscribers, or just to advertise their services or products on the Internet. After all, it makes no sense to even have the best designed site, which has no visitors at all. In order not to face such problems, there is SEO-optimization. So, let’s take a closer look.

Clutch has Named bizZzdev a Top Agency in B2B

01 Mar: “Clutch” has Named bizZzdev.com a Top Agency in B2B Consulting for 2021

On the 23rd of February 2021 Clutch highlighted the top-performing companies in consulting categories, including business strategy and operations.
Clutch selected the leaders using a rigorous selection methodology. The team looked into a company’s former clients and past projects, as well as their reviews on Clutch.
Among these nominated companies, BizZzdev.com was named one of the TOP agencies in the category “Business strategy”.